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7 Books of Whisdom Series — Bobby Whisnand

There is no perfect time to make a change. But your best time is today, right now. The 7 Books of Whisdom series will help guide you in setting and reaching your goals to bring the change you want in your life.


7 Books of Whisdom is a series of seven books intended to inspire you to lead your mind, body, and soul on a journey of self-reflection, progress, and fulfillment to live your best life. Through quotes and lessons, the books provide direction, inspiration and practical steps to help you achieve the successes you want in your life — only defined by what you define as your own set of personal goals and aspirations. Each individual book in the series will guide you through seven components of success and will help you apply the guidance and lessons included throughout to your own life.

Tomorrow is seemingly a safe place to start over, make things right, and chase dreams, but remember; today was once a tomorrow too.
Bobby Whisnand is a wellness professional,  motivational speaker and five-time author.

Bobby Whisnand is a wellness professional, motivational speaker and five-time author.

Bobby has spent nearly three decades using his knowledge and expertise to motivate body, mind, and soul through a genuine connection he builds with readers. He believes everyone has an innate ability to be happy and content, have the heart of a champion, and to do things they never thought possible.

Bobby Whisnand is a wellness professional, motivational speaker and five-time author.

7 Books of Whisdom by Bobby Whisnand, Book One: Motivation, Inspiration, and Mindset
Book One: Motivation, Inspiration, and Mindset


I wrote this first book to show you how to find the motivation that lives inside. If you apply what I’ve written in these seven books, your self-motivation will become transcendent. As you go through these quotes and lessons, open your mind and heart and let these things sink in deep. I wholeheartedly believe in this book and the others that follow, and I believe in you. Now, it’s your turn.

Book Two: Stress Management
7 Books of Whisdom by Bobby Whisnand, Book Two: Stress Management


Happiness, prosperity, and love are the most wanted things in life, and the great news is, we can have them all. I’ve spent most of my life helping others be happy, healthy, and prosperous. To be content, we have to learn to manage our stress better. Though some of our stress seems insurmountable and never-ending at times, we can be victorious over it if we honestly believe we can.

7 Books of Whisdom by Bobby Whisnand, Book Three: Commitment


Even though we might have the best intentions when we give promises, they often fall through because of unforeseen challenges and circumstances that pop up. The difference maker is whether or not we’ve learned from these experiences and improved our lives by doing so. If you want better for yourself and others, commit from your heart, and seal it with your soul.

Book Three: Commitment
7 Books of Whisdom by Bobby Whisnand, Book Four: Wellness and Fitness


With these quotes and lessons, I’m going to inspire you to keep your mind as healthy as your body, to reach your most elusive wellness goals, and ultimately to condition your mind for success. Wellness is easier to obtain than the fitness industry has made it out to be; apply these lessons to your wellness methods and goals and watch as you become healthier, stronger, and happier. 

Book Four: Wellness and Fitness
7 Books of Whisdom by Bobby Whisnand, Book Five: Goals and Confidence


Goals and confidence go hand-in-hand: the more you’re successful at one, the more success you’ll have at the other. The key to reaching your goals is to recognize smaller, yet significant, achievements along the way. The key to building confidence is to spend more time acknowledging things you’re good at, and building upon those things to reach further than you ever have.

Book Five: Goals and Confidence
7 Books of Whisdom by Bobby Whisnand, Book Six: Relationships - Personal/Business


You may have self-confidence and love who you are, or you may have quite a bit of work to do, but either way, I’m going to make sure the best relationship you ever have is with the person staring at you in the mirror. Take it from me; the stronger you believe in yourself, the stronger you will believe in others, and that’s a relationship you can’t beat.

Book Six: Relationships - Personal/Business
7 Books of Whisdom by Bobby Whisnand, Book Seven: Change


In life, we’re meant to face challenges, and the most significant obstacles we’ll face are those where we must accept and endure the relentless need for change. In many cases, change is difficult to accept, but if you can make it a permanent part of your life by understanding the need for it, and the benefit you’ll get from it, change will become easier to accept, and your life will excel.

Book Seven: Change
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